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Original Price: $120.00

So what is your hair and skin up against? There's harsh weather, hard water, constant blow-drying and straightening, side effects from medications and medical procedures, harmful chemicals, and of course the aging process that we all fall victim to. No wonder your hair is so dull and your skin so dry.

Stop being a product junkie. The Shoija Naturals Gift Set is your first line of defense. The Hair Stimulator and Liquid Loc activate hair growth by clearing the follicles of dandruff and fungus, and releasing vitamins into the roots and down to the tips. Split ends fade away and you're left with strong, shiny, and more manageable hair. The Body Balm and Lip Balm hydrate the skin, blocking infection and weakening flare-ups from embarrassing skin conditions like eczema and cold sores. These four, amazing products will never flat-line. The last drop is as powerful as the first. And for only $65, you can order your gift set today!

The Shoija Gift Set includes:

(1) Hair Stimulator 8oz
(1) Hair Stimulator 2oz
(1) Body Balm 2oz
(1) Liquid Loc 4oz
(1) Lip Balm .5oz