European Dreadloc Treatment

The European Dreadloc Treatment manipulates the dreadloc and the dreadloc follicles, encouraging blood flow, stimulating growth and promoting strong, healthy, long, shiny locs.  Using new dreadloc stimulating technology and Shoija Naturals products, this treatment rejuvenates and conditions the scalp and prevents dryness, irritation and breakage.  Each individual dreadloc is energized one by one from the tip of the loc all the way down the loc, past the scalp and into the follicles. Providing ten times ordinary stimulation, this encourages extreme blood flow through the follicles, blood flow that is needed for healthy growing hair (dreadlocs).

Hairforce Alcoa, TN and Anointed Touch Murfreesboro, TN are the only two locations providing this unique European Dreadloc Treatment.  The only two locations in the United States with the products and equipment to provide “Shoija Naturals european dreadloc treatments”.

Master Barber Instructor Charlie Robinson, is the first and only in the United States professionally trained and qualified to give the “Shoija Naturals European Dreadloc Treatment”.

In-house consultations $25 or give us a call at (865) 681-0709 or (865) 297-3687 for appointments and more information.  “Quality first and first is quality”.  

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